About Azure

About Azure

A Shared Vision to Unite Modern Medicine with Technology.


Azure Medical centre is a brand new facility delivering the best of health to Cottesloe, Claremont and Perth’s western suburbs. It is the result of the shared vision of a trio of dedicated and passionate medical professionals.

Meet Dr Richard Newton and you’ll start to see where Azure’s warmth and vision comes from. Richard and his wife Nikki have worked across the UK and Australia, in all sorts of interesting places from Tassie’s King Island and St. Helens, the Kimberly, Pilbara and other rural areas, to Perth’s Northern and Western Suburbs.

Along the way they realised that family medicine is not an area that is fast to embrace change. They believe it should be, because there are so many fantastic technologies available that give us exciting new ways to deliver better services.

Richard and Nikki were also lucky enough to meet up and work with Dr Merci Kusel, a female doctor who has worked in the western suburbs for over 25 years. This experience had planted a similar seed in Merci’s mind – to create a family medical centre committed to using the best technologies, combined with good old-fashioned personalized care and consistency of service. Merci is particularly passionate about the benefits laser technologies offer to women.

So, Richard and Nikki have joined forces with Merci, and this admirable trio have been hard at work. The beautiful new Azure Medical centre in Cottesloe is the result – so it looks like it’s all paid off!

You’ll find the vision and ethos of these three key people extends throughout the practice, and greets you when you first walk through the doors. The Azure centre is bright and modern, but also warm and welcoming, comfortable and casual. You’ll experience the commitment to technology at every turn; and the dedication to care, and building lasting therapeutic relationships, when dealing with every member of staff.

We invite you to come in and experience what Azure Health has to offer by calling us on 08 9286 9900, booking online, contacting us here, or if it’s urgent, attending our Rapid Care Walk-In clinic.