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woman stands on beach with a full piece swim suit on and holds shows in her hands.

How CoolSculpting Works (with videos)

If you’ve heard about Coolsculpting, you’re probably wondering if its amazing ability to freeze (and kill) fat…

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rosacea on a woman's cheek

The Rosacea Treatment Process – Your Easy 8 Step Guide

A bit of flush here… Some blushing there… And bumps showing up everywhere! These are some of…

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a young woman smiles with her hand pressed to her face.

LED light therapy: What It Is and How It Works

So you’ve seen LED light therapy all over social media, your favourite influencer raves about it and…

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woman looking at the camera. she has clear skin and brown eyes.

Wrinkle Relaxers or Fillers? The key differences.

A little line here. A new crease there. It’s no lie our skin does change over time….

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three women stand close to each other, with their legs bent to show their skin.

Velashape: How to Remove Cellulite Without Surgery or Fad Diets

We all have a dream of what our ideal body looks like, so you wouldn’t be the…

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Doctor in white lab coat points at laptop screen.

Telehealth price increases June 2021

To our Wonderful Patients This is a short message to let you know that from 24/6/2021 our…

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man and woman asleep on bed.

The 2-Step Laser Snoring Treatment Process

If your partner’s been threatening to make you sleep on the couch because “you snore all night…

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the non invasive way to treat incontinence - azure medical perth

The Non-Invasive Way You Can Treat Your Incontinence

Do you try to stifle your laugh in public, choke down your coughs and squeeze down your…

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Permanent Hair Removal | Why Laser Is Your Best Option

Painless permanent hair removal: Your ultimate guide to laser

Hot sand, cold drinks and the cool ocean breeze softly hitting your skin. In Perth it’s always…

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The Most Time Efficient Way To Treat Your Rosacea - azure medical perth

The Most Time Efficient Way To Treat Your Rosacea

Look in the mirror and have radiant, glowing skin look back. This may sound like a dream,…

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