Richard Newton

Azure Medical Cosmetic Cottesloe Team

Azure Medical 2020 Christmas letter to our much-valued clients and patients

Hi everyone. We hope you are all well and looking forward to having some relaxing time with…

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Perth laser treatment stop snoring Nightlase

Stop Snoring Now With This Affordable Laser Technology

Whether it’s keeping your partner awake or waking you up through the night, snoring can impact you…

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Vaccines - vaccines cottesloe - child vaccines - travel vaccines2

Flu Vaccinations – What Should You Do?

Flu season is well and truly upon us for 2019. With thousands of cases already seen this year,…

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Snoring man problems

Wanted: Nightlase Snoring Therapy Candidate. Apply Within

Are you who we are looking for? We are currently looking for a suitable candidate to utilise…

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Male Stomach After Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting for men

Welcome to this short article about Coolsculpting or ‘fat-freezing’. We all want to look good, right? We…

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remove warts and skin tags perth

Are you bothered by skin tags or greasy warts?

Written by Doctor Christine Lee-Baw Here at Azure, we use a special technique to remove them instantly…

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pregnant lady

Genetic testing in early pregnancy

For many years parents have been able to have tests performed in early pregnancy to help detect…

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Lady not sleeping

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS, “Myalgic Encephalitis”)

Chronic fatigue is a very common symptom, and one which we often get asked about as GP’s….

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Hepatitis C – What’s new?

Have you heard of Hepatitis C? Perhaps you may have heard of someone who has Hep C,…

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anxious adult

Anxiety – a common and treatable medical condition.

Everyone gets stressed from time to time – that’s completely normal. What isn’t normal is when anxiety…

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