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Stay Healthy Over the Christmas Break.


Five Top Tips to Remaining Healthy Over the Christmas Break.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s important to think about how we can make smarter, healthier choices with our food to help avoid those unwanted Christmas kilos. Our Azure Medical in-house dietitian in Perth provides easy tips for remaining healthy throughout the silly season.

Christmas is the time of year to spend with family and friends, enjoying ourselves and relaxing. However, what most people seem to forget is that Christmas is just one day of the year and the celebrations can stretch out over a few weeks, meaning that we spend a lot of our time with family and friends enjoying ourselves and indulging in rich, delicious, calorie-high foods. Our Perth nutritionist explains how by simply changing a few small, minor eating habits this year keeping those extra Christmas kilos off won’t be as hard as you would think.

According to the DAA (Dietitians Association of Australia), the few extra kilos put on over the Christmas break are way harder to get off than they are to put on, so of course it’s best to avoid putting them on in the first place. Fruit cake, alcohol and other sweet deserts are good examples of foods with high kilojoules that many people will consume throughout the holiday break, so only eating these in moderation will really help you to avoid putting on the unnecessary kilos.

Here are 5, easy-to-follow and practical tips for staying slim during this Christmas break:
1. Be smart about your drinking. Swap soft drink mixers for soda water or tonic water and add fresh lime or lemons. Add soda water to your wine for a refreshing spritzer drink. This will not only reduced the kilojoules in your wine, but it will reduce the overall alcohol content. Try to stick to no more than an average of 2 standard drinks per day.
2. Snack on the right things. Choose to snack on the veggie platter over cheese and crackers.
Team your carrot stick, celery or capsicum pieces with hummus.
3. Remain active. Yes, it’s the holiday season and we all need to relax and unwind, but joining your kids out in the backyard for a game of cricket or getting in the pool are great ways to remain active during the silly season, without feeling like you’ve run a marathon. Just remember to slip, slop, slap out in the sun!
4. Stop eating once you feel full. It’s easy to load up on all of the delicious foods on Christmas day. You’ll feel great whilst you’re eating and for about one second after you’ve finished eating, but soon after you’ll feel horrible and sluggish – and maybe guilty about over-indulging. Eat slowly and enjoy your food!
5. Drink water before eating your meal. Drinking water before eating your Christmas dinner or lunch will mean you feel fuller more quickly, and can digest your food more easily.

If you’re after more tips for remaining healthy throughout the silly season or if you’re interested in living a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle, then book an appointment today with our in-house, highly experienced Perth nutritionist!