testosterone replacement perth

As a man, you naturally experience a gradual drop in your testosterone levels as you get older. For some, testosterone levels may fall so low that you can develop troublesome symptoms including fatigue, lack of energy, depression and loss of libido. If tests show low testosterone levels, you may sometimes be diagnosed with Testosterone Deficiency. In some cases testosterone replacement may be the recommended approach.

Testosterone deficiency should only be diagnosed if there are repeated low levels and relevant symptoms, which may include reduced libido, decreased spontaneous erections, loss of body hair and reduced need for shaving, hot flushes and breast discomfort, fatigue and low mood and infertility.

At Azure Medical, we are able to assess your testosterone levels and treat any deficiencies in the best possible way, issuing prescriptions for testosterone replacement medications from the pharmacy when appropriate (please note, we do not supply testosterone or any other similar supplements on site).