Skin Cancer checks are vital in our part of the world.

We love our beaches and outdoor lifestyles, but the downside of living in this sunburnt country is the high frequency of skin cancers in Australia.
Dr Richard Newton developed a strong interest in skin cancer checks and treatments when working a remote GP on King Island, treating the farmers and fisherman who had spent their lives out in the open. Because of their isolation, they were keen to get treated by the local GP rather than having to miss time off work travelling to a specialist in the city.

This inspired Dr Richard to complete several more advanced training programs in skin cancer checks and early detection, management and surgery.

In Cottesloe, Perth, our team of doctors will openly discuss with you when your skin cancer can be treated safely in-house, and when a specialist referral might be necessary. At Azure, our team will make sure that the treatment you receive will be exactly appropriate for the condition. Unfortunately, we have found that some ‘Mole Clinics’ operate less ethically with a focus on recommending excision procedures that may not always be necessary.

As with all things health, you’ll feel happier having your skin cancer checks in Perth performed by your trusted team at Azure Health Cottesloe. So even though we don’t call ourselves a “mole clinic” be reassured that we can help you with reliable skin cancer checks and treatments.