Mental Health, Wellness and Nutrition

Mental Health, Wellness and Nutrition

We believe that modern medicine should be about holistic wellness, which is why our health care services include Perth nutritionist and dietitian, Lizzie Yorkston; our Psychologist Melanie Fisher; Psychiatrist Dr Chacko Varughese; and Health Consultant Dr Barbara Shiel.

We’re lucky to have talented and passionate people working in our team, helping our patients understand and achieve improved physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing. These factors set the foundation for our minds and bodies to function at their best, and to put you in a position where you feel healthy, energetic and happy. Because when you feel that way, you can enjoy life to the full.

Lizzie Yorkston – Nutritionist and Dietitian, Perth


Our approach to modern medicine is inclusive of diet, fitness and holistic wellness because all these things work together to determine your levels of health and happiness.


Melanie Fisher (M.Psych) – Vital Conversations. Melanie is a dynamic and engaging therapist, coach and facilitator who is results focused, able to provide keen insight into a client, group or . . . . .

Melanie Fisher (M.Psych) – Vital Conversations.

Melanie is a dynamic and engaging therapist, coach and facilitator who is results focused, able to provide keen insight into a client, group or team in a professional, warm and genuine way.

Strategic and considered in her approach to clinical sessions, Melanie helps her clients to quickly understand their needs and define a helpful path forward. Melanie has contributed to empirical research in the field of Executive Coaching and is passionate about having the right conversation to help individuals achieve their goals. She uses a variety of models with clients – including solution focused, positive psychology, mindfulness and CBT.

Her professional training in both commerce, psychology, counselling and organisational psychology give her a unique perspective on giving people the tools to flourish as an individual, both personally and professionally. Melanie is passionate about individuals reaching their full potential and achieving meaningful and sustainable change.

Melanie is available in our Cottesloe rooms on a Thursday, and at other times in Subiaco. She accepts self referrals or referrals from your GP via a GP Mental Health Plan, which can enable you to access significant Medicare rebates if you have a mental health problem.

Dr Barbara Sheil, Health Consultant


Have you reached a point in your life when you know that something has to change, but don’t know how?

Or maybe your child or a family member is struggling with school or friendships?

Dr Barbara Sheil PhD, Dip Coaching

Barbara is a clinical scientist, educator and coach committed to enabling her Clients to manage areas of difficulty within their everyday lives, fostering resolutions and ultimately improving their health as well as their quality of life. Dr Barbara Sheil combines her expertise in clinical science and research with coaching; to create a unique method of helping client’s to understand how their body and mind’s function, empowering them to get stress and health under control.

Whatever the issue, Barbara works with her Clients of all ages, to increase awareness of mind-body communication, reduce stress and anxiety and to focus on their health and well-being. Barbara’s specialist areas of expertise include children with anxiety; those on a fertility and IVF journey; and helping parents to understand the impact of the environment on their child’s health.

Barbara can help you and your family to:

  • Understand stress and anxiety and what you can do to manage it
  • Build resilience
  • Improve focus and motivation
  • Understand and cope with health problems
  • Make positive life changes
  • Overcome fear through understanding and awareness
  • Identify, set and achieve life goals

Consultation Fees:

$150 (1 hour consultation)

Book an appointment with Dr Barbara Sheil today:

Call Azure Medical on 9286 9900 or

Call Barbara on 0449 777 525

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Dr Chacko Varughese, Consultant Psychiatrist

We are lucky to have Dr Chacko Varughese, Consultant Psychiatrist, available for private consultations here in our rooms.

Dr Varughese is a specialist consultant psychiatrist who can provide expert assessment, advice and treatment regarding problems of a mental health nature, such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disease. To see Dr Varughese please get a referral from your GP or come and see one of our GPs to discuss further.