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Incontinence After Childbirth.

rejuvenate your body with our treatments

At Azure Medical, we know and understand how after pregnancy, our bodies can change dramatically . Due to damage and wear of the pelvic floor and bladder support, being reliably able to hold onto urine longer than expected, or to simply be able to sneeze, cough or enjoy a laugh without the worry of leakage, can become a distant memory. Often, stretching of the vagina can affect sexual intercourse, leading to reduced orgasms, loss of pleasure and therefore loss of libido.

Too many women live with these body changes after pregnancy and are hesitant to seek help or advice. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – no longer do women need to sit in silence, and no longer does incontinence have to be a permanent change to adapt to. That’s why our team of friendly and caring medical professionals offer a well-known medical cosmetic procedure, vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a tightening procedure that tightens the vaginal walls. This procedure is performed on premises at Azure Medical and is convenient, quick and pain-free, completed safely by our doctors using laser light. We can restore normal function and sensation to the vagina sooner than you might expect. The treatment is adapted according to what the main problem area is, either vaginal tightening, increasing bladder control or a combination of both.

Many women have said that since undergoing the procedure they simply wonder why they didn’t do it sooner! To find out more about how our simple and easy vaginal tightening procedure can help get your vagina back to it’s pre-childbirth state, click here. Or, to book a consultation with one of our friendly doctors, contact us today and start enjoying life, worry-free!