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find your feelgood.

your complete health hub

In an increasingly complex and fast paced world, wellbeing is falling by the wayside. Phones pinging, social statuses, email
alerts at ungodly hours - our never-sit-still mentality and need to be ‘always on’ is placing pressures on our bodies that
evolution has yet to catch up with. And yet we’re born to flourish, if we just give ourselves the chance.

At Azure Medical in Peppermint Grove, our GPs, Skin and Cosmetic Practitioners and Mind and Body Therapists are here to help you find your feelgood, whatever that means to you. We take a calm, unhurried approach, learning your backstory to piece together all the little clues that help us understand how to treat the whole, so you can live your best life.

Think of us as your complete health hub. You’ll have access to the full range of GP services for you and your whole family, as well as the full range of skin and aesthetic treatments, nutrition and dietary advice, functional medicine and mental health services.

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live your best life

What is health? What does it mean to be healthy? For us, health means optimising your mind and body to allow you to live
your best life. Azure Medical is not just another clinic - we are a complete health hub, offering general practice, functional, hormonal and nutritional medicine, cosmetic and aesthetic, psychological and surgical services. Our friendly team of qualified doctors, nurses and allied health providers will help you find what makes you whole.

Azure Medical combines the best of conventional medicine with those facets of complementary medicine that we know to be safe and supported by strong evidence. We recognise that one size does not necessarily fit all, and no one practitioner knows “everything”; yet at the same time we are wary of the multitude of “quack” treatments out there which make unrealistic and highly exaggerated claims. Our focus is holistic health - you come to us to flourish, not just when you are sick. We’ll work with you to improve your physical, mental, social and spiritual health in the knowledge that feeling strong, peaceful and confident allows you to function at your best and achieve life’s goals.

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for you to flourish

Azure Medical’s services are for all walks of life and social backgrounds, from singles to families and retirees, all with their
own backstories and list of personal and professional goals to achieve. Yet we know you’re all here for the same reason – to live a healthy lifestyle. You understand good health means treating the whole ‘you’. The social you, the physical you and the emotional you. You know that if you take the time and effort to invest in yourself and seek the right advice, you can build your self-confidence to a point where life just flows.

So what kind of Azure Medical person are you?

the balancer

Life is sweet in the western suburbs. Right now you’re looking to find the right balance between your professional and family life in the knowledge that happiness isn’t about big highs or quick rushes – it’s about feeling good every day.

the freestyler

Living the single life, you’ve got a lot on your plate (probably smashed avocado) – yet you know healthy is something you can build into your daily life to allow that creative, innovative ‘you’ to flourish.

the twilighter

Now that your working life is over, you have more time to focus on living your best life - and that means leaving your health in the hands of someone that offers the personalised attention and care that defines your generation. 

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