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Faces are a key signifier of our beauty as humans. Shape, symmetry and roundness are all attributes we take into account as we look at ourselves and others. But along the way, life changes how we are; facial volume diminishes as we age, and with that our sense of beauty can be challenged. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Azure Medical, our philosophy of you living your best life means we want to give you the control back. Fillers are that way.

Fillers give more substance and body to areas of the face including cheekbones and lips. With numerous filler types available, where the result is matched to the outcome you seek, fillers are a popular and effective way of achieving natural, long lasting results. To decrease the chance of bruising and minimise tell-tale signs, we offer the choice of using a cannula technique. Please discuss this, along with your desired outcome, during your personalised consultation and full facial assessment. We use only top quality filler, with all work performed by an experienced doctor. 


suitable for:

Cheek Volume Loss, Smile Lines, Lip Volume Loss, Lip Lines, Marionette Lines


time for treatment:

Allow 30 minutes



Minimal downtime, may experience slight swelling within 24 hours of procedure


treatments required:

Varies based on individual requirements



Smoothing fine lines & wrinkles non-surgically, adding volume


Treatment results

cheeck fillers before

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