pricing + fees

See our pricing below. We also have payment plans & package options available. Please note, we are not a bulk billing practice unless otherwise stated.

Doctor's AppointmentsCostMedicare RebateGap FeeDetails
Standard Consult (6-20 min)$85$38.75$46.25See more
Long Consult (20-30 min)$119$75.05$43.95See more
Long Consult (30-40 min)$150$73.95$76.05See more
Long Consult (>40 min)$200$110.50$89.50See more
Sunday Consult (6-20 min)$105$50.55$54.45See more
Sunday Consult (20-40 min)$140$86.60$53.40See more
Repeat Scripts$30nilnil
Failure to attend fee (GP)$85nilnil
Failure to attend fee (surgical)$200nilnil
Failure to attend fee (DEXA)$55 depositnilnilSee more
Hormone Releasing IUDContact UsnilnilSee more
Skin Cancer ChecksContact UsnilnilSee more
Pre-Employment MedicalsContact UsnilnilSee more
Workers Compensation & Injury ManagementContact UsnilnilSee more
Snoring & Sleep Apnea$505/treatment, $1500 packagenilnilSee more
Fungal Nail Infection Treatment$135$38.20$96.80
Diet & NutritionContactnilnilSee more
Testosterone TherapyContactnilnilSee more
Male CircumcisionContactSee more
Telehealth Standard Consult (6-20 min)$85$38.75$46.25
Telehealth Longer Consult (20-30 min)$119$75.05$43.95
Telehealth Longer Consult (30-40 min)$150$73.95$76.05
Telehealth Longer Consult (>40 min)$200$110.50$89.50
Face treatmentsCostMedicare RebateDetails
Laser Active Acne$135nilSee more
Laser Acne Scarring$355nilSee more
Facial – Jan Marini Glycolic Peel$105nilSee more
Facial – Jan Marini Transformation Peel$305nilSee more
Facial – Jan Marini Refine Peel$255nilSee more
Facial – Jan Marini Clarify Peel$255nilSee more
Facial – Jan Marini Glycolic Peel + Vit C Mask$125nilSee more
Dermamelan$1,800nilSee more
Skin Needling$255nilSee more
Rosacea Treatment - The Medicare rebate does not apply for any treatments after the fourth treatment in a billing calendar year.$300$133.70See more
Twinlight Laser Skin Rejuvenation$825nilSee more
Vitamin Therapy / Mesotherapy per session$305nilSee more
HydraFacial$155nilSee more
Omnilux – For Acne$65 for 1, $499 for 9nilSee more
Omnilux – For Skin Rejuvenation$65 for onenilSee more
Omnilux – Photodynamic therapy$305 + $95 for
ALA Prescription Cream
nilSee more
Laser Face Lift$825nilSee more
Laser Lip Plumping$155nilSee more
Wrinkle Relaxers$5 per unitnilSee more
Fillerfrom $550/mLnilSee more
Body TreatmentCostMedicare RebateDetails
CoolSculptingContact usnilSee more
VelashapeContact usnilSee more
Sclerotherapy$550$90See more
Incontinence treatment$855nilSee more
Vaginal Prolapse (Prolapselase)$855nilSee more
Vaginal Rejuvenation (Intimilase)$755nilSee more
Vaginal Rejuvenation (Renovolase)$405nilSee more
DEXA Scan – Weekday$115nilSee more
DEXA Scan – Weekend$145nilSee more
Post Scan Dietitian Consult$85Eligible Private Health Insurance RebateSee more
Laser Wart Removal$135$38.75See more
Treatment AreaDoctorNurse
Full back$605$423.5
Half leg$305$213.5
Full leg$605$423.5
Treatment typeCostMedicare RebateGapDetails
Mental Health Consult or Review$119$73.95$45.05See more
Mental Health Care Plan – Standard$150$93.90$56.10See more
Mental Health Care Plan – Long$228$138.3$89.70See more
Rapid Transformational Therapy$605$100$505See more
Psychology & PsychiatryContact usSee more