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Being a mother is a wonderful thing, but for many women pregnancies cause changes to the vagina and pelvic floor, which can lead to urine leakage or vaginal prolapse.

Whilst stress incontinence can affect up to 50% of women, Dr Merci Kusel of Azure Medical says that only 15% of people affected by this condition seek help. Many women suffer in silence, too embarrassed to tell anyone or to get medical help.

In the past, treatments for stress incontinence have sometimes been invasive, unpleasant, or caused side effects. But these days, laser therapy is a relatively safe and well-tolerated alternative to traditional treatments, usually with minimal side effects. A stress incontinence Laser Treatment is the latest innovation and it’s available right here at your GP.

Vaginal Laser treatment heats the tissues very precisely. This heating stimulates collagen production and can improve the strength and structure of the vagina. It can naturally rejuvenate the pelvic floor, restoring support and normal function to the bladder.

Laser treatment can help to free you from the worry of bladder leakage and enable you to get back to enjoying a full and active life. At Azure Medical, we care for our patients as individuals, and rest assured that you will have a full assessment and explanation before deciding whether to go ahead.




time for treatment:

Allow 30 minutes





The good news is you can return home or to work straight away. You are unable to have intercourse for two weeks and some discharge may occur.




treatments required:

Two treatments, 4 weeks apart.





Increased lubrication, leakage prevention and enhanced sexual pleasure.




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