Practice Information

Practice Information

The Perfect Facility for Family Medical Care.

Our Cottesloe medical centre is the perfect environment for the delivery of family medical services, and the care of residents of all ages in the western suburbs. We designed it with a specific purpose – to deliver premium medical and cosmetic services that help people be healthy, look fantastic and feel confident.

Azure is one beautifully appointed location offering all sorts of medical, cosmetic and laser treatments delivered by lovely people who are dedicated and caring. This breadth of service options makes Azure easy and simple for you and your family to access the medical and cosmetic treatments you need.

Visit Azure Medical and you’ll find a modern centre with a delightful fit out – casual and relaxed with a strong connection to the Cottesloe coast that inspired the name Azure.

With technology and personal care driving the vision for this centre, we offer a breadth of services that puts a wide variety of options at the fingertips of everyone in the area.

We Value your Time.

This is 2015, but some medical centres in Perth don’t seem to understand that like we do! Time is of the essence with modern families, who lead busier lives than ever before. Waiting around in full waiting rooms, leafing through ancient and dog-eared magazines, is not the way we think it should be.

At Azure, we are committed to redefining the experience of visiting the GP to make it faster, stress-free and more comfortable. We realise that our patients are busy people who do not have time to waste, and want to see their own family doctor when they visit. They want their concerns listened to patiently, and dealt with efficiently, by the same team of people with whom they have built a relationship based on understanding and trust.

For us, continuity of care, consistency of our team, and the level of care we deliver is of the utmost importance.

Look Good, Feel Good.

At Azure, we take a holistic approach to health care by acknowledging the connection between looking your best, and feeling your best. Our skin is an incredibly important organ, subjected to a lot of stress with our harsh Perth climate, so keeping it healthy and looking its best is very important.

We’re happy to offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including laser technologies, to achieve fantastic results quickly and with minimum side effects. You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with lasers and other advanced technologies in the hands of trained medical professionals.

From the same health team and location, we offer Laser Skin TherapiesLaser Women’s Health TreatmentsLaser Snoring TreatmentsOmnilux Light TherapyOmnilux Acne TherapyHydrafacial Skin Health for LifeDEXA Body Composition Scanning and Executive Health Checks.

Putting Technology to Work.

We embrace proven new technologies and put them to work across a wide variety of areas, including Laser skin therapies, Laser Snoring Treatment, Laser women’s health, DEXA Body Composition scanning and Executive Health.

In addition to our core services of Family Medicine and General Practice we are happy to offer exciting new technologies and treatments that previously clients will have had to visit specialists to access. Now, Azure unites a wide variety of services all easily accessible in our Cottesloe medical centre.

We offer Laser Skin and Women’s Health treatments, and a DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorption) scanner to provide comprehensive Body Composition scanning. We fully understand that our patients wish to feel, look, and think healthy.

We invite you to come and experience Azure Medical by calling 08 9286 9900, Book Appointment online, or if it’s urgent, attending ourRapid Care Walk-In clinic.

Personal Health Information.

Our practice is fully computerised and records are kept as up to date and as accurate as possible. If you would like your records transferred to another practice our reception staff can arrange this. A copy of your records to that date will remain on our system and if you attend Azure Medical in the future we can access those records.

All patient information is private and confidentiality of patient information is maintained at all times. The rights of every patient are to be respected. All information collected by this practice in providing a health service is deemed to be private and confidential.
General Practitioners and staff are aware of confidentiality requirements for all patient encounters and recognise that significant breaches of confidentiality may provide grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.
Azure Medical complies with Federal and State privacy regulations including the Privacy Act 1998, the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and Victorian Health Records Act 2001 as well as the standards set out in the RACGP Handbook for the Management of Health Information in Private Medical Practice 1st Edition (2002).