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Treat the ‘whole’ person.

When you feel unwell or your body and mind are out of sync, it’s normal to feel more vulnerable, as if the world somehow feels a little smaller and everyday things take more effort. That’s why we created our holistic health hub – to give you control back over your life.

Our range of services are designed to complement each other, connecting all aspects of ‘you’ in a way that allows you to live your best life. Our GP work seeks to identify causes to illness. Our psychiatrist work helps to heal mental scars that are holding you back. Our cosmetic work can instil confidence that comes from feeling comfortable with your own body. We can help you make smarter food choices to give you more energy and vibrancy, get on top of your asthma troubles, or simply treat injuries to regain you freedom of movement as a parent.

Everything has a purpose, everything is connected. Let us treat the ‘whole’ you.

Here are the services we offer at our holistic health hub:

  • General practice
  • Skin cancer checks and treatment
  • Mental health care
  • Psychiatrist
  • DEXA body composition scans
  • On-site nutritionist & dietitian
  • Walk-in clinic for minor injuries and illnesses
  • A wide variety of laser treatments
  • Skin and cosmetic services
  • Comprehensive health checks (4-year-olds, over 75s, diabetes, asthma, women’s health, men’s health, etc.)
  •  Immunisations – child, travel & flu vaccines
  • Workers Compensation Injury Management

Mission Statement:
To be the practice of the future, combining the best of good old-fashioned caring service with the best of the newest medical technology, in order to help our patients achieve their best in health.

It is our commitment to you to provide the best possible care by adhering to our core values below:

  • Respect; We respect our patients as equal partners in the relationship with their doctor or health care provider.
  • Professionalism; We strive to create and maintain the highest levels of quality in all of the services that we provide.
  • Teamwork; We work as a team of experts, with our patients being an integral part of that team.
  • Trust; We highly value the trust placed in us by our patients to manage their most important asset, their health.
  • Vision; We are constantly looking to the future, encouraging feedback and sharing ideas to stimulate constant improvement in our practice.

Allied Health
Azure Medical has a resident Nutritionalist / Dietitian. We work closely with other health providers within Cottesloe Shopping Centre.

Blood tests and Pathology
For your convenience, we have on-site pathology and blood collection (Clinical Labs). Hours for blood tests are Mon-Fri 8am – 12pm. No appointment is necessary if you have a request form from your Doctor.

Appointment reminders
On request, patients will be sent an “Appointment Reminder” text 24 hours prior to their appointment.

Please notify the Practice as soon as possible should you have to change or cancel your appointment, to avoid incurring a Fail to Attend fee (below).

Failure To Attend Fee
Failing to attend a booked appointment wastes valuable time that could have been used for a different patient. A fee may be payable (see current charges on display at the practice or on our website).

Doctors billing and fees
Please note, Azure Medical Cottesloe is a privately billing practice. For current fees please see our pricing page on the website or ask our receptionists. Payment methods accepted include cash, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard, and we also have payment plan options available. Please settle your account on the day of your consult.

Azure Medical walk in clinic
We love the concept of Walk-In clinics for urgent problems, where you can be seen promptly in a well equipped treatment area and not have to wait, especially if you, or your child, are distressed or in pain. At Azure Medical, doctors and nurses you know and trust can see you, and your consult records will be recorded on your medical file so that you can be properly followed up. Our Walk-In clinic is designed to eliminate waiting times, while giving our patients the care and attention they need.


Examples of what we can treat in the walk in clinic:

  • Infections (eg. flu, chest infections, earache, fever)
  • Lacerations, needing suturing or dressing
  • Sports and other muscular or join injuries
  • Mild to Moderate chest and abdominal pain – initial assessment with referral if needed.
  • Urgent repeat scripts or referrals


Examples of what we cannot treat in the walk in clinic:

  • Severe chest or abdominal pain
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Serious head or neck injuries
  • Mental health problems, drug or alcohol intoxication


Test results
Due to privacy and medico-legal legislation we regret that we cannot give test results over the phone. We request that you make a follow-up doctors appointment to discuss your results.

Home visits
The requirement for a Home Visit by your doctor will be assessed on an individual basis. Additional fees will be applicable. Please telephone us on 9286 9900 if you feel a home visit is required.

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