Treatment Snapshot

Suitable for:

Any warts on hands or feet, especially stubborn warts which have failed to respond to freezing

Time for Treatment:

Allow 15 minutes


Some redness, soreness, and a scab at site for 7-10 days


Very effective, less treatments needed than liquid nitrogen

Treatments Required:

1-3 treatments, 1 month apart

Treatment Pricing

  • Laser Wart Removal:

    $130 ($37 Medicare rebate)

    per treatment

The Detail

Have you tried a wart freezing service with poor results, possibly scarring?

At Azure Medical, we offer the latest Laser Wart Removal treatment which is far more effective than freezing. Scarring is highly unlikely as the wart is killed off by coagulating the feeder blood vessels rather than just chipping away at the surface layers. It’s very unusual to need more than 1-2 treatments. Quick, safe, no needles, no bleeding and the cool air blower minimises discomfort.

What causes warts?

There are more than 100 different subtypes of the human papilloma virus (HPV) responsible for warts. The common wart (verruca vulgaris) is generally harmless. In most cases they will eventually disappear but this can take a long time.

Since warts can be highly unsightly and embarrassing, a variety of treatment options are commonly used to remove them, including topical treatment with various creams from the chemist, or freezing them with liquid nitrogen. The problem is, these treatments often take a long time or require multiple treatments. The good news is that warts that are treated with Laser Wart Removal are removed after only 1-2 quick treatments.

One of the more troublesome and difficult-to-treat types of wart is the plantar wart (verruca), usually found on the soles of the feet. It tends to form on pressure points as a hard and often painful lump with small black specks in the centre. Plantar wart treatment is advised as early as possible since with time they become more difficult to remove and can even interfere with walking, running and mobility.