Our story

In establishing Azure Medical, our vision was best described as ‘blending the best of the old, with the best of the new’. 

When I trained in Medicine in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s back in the UK, the world was a very different place. No internet and no mobile phones for one! But I was lucky enough to do GP placements with some excellent tutors. These days, you might say they were ‘old-fashioned’ and very formal – suit and tie, even a waistcoat and a bow tie. Doctors didn’t work at a frantic pace; they used paper notes and a minimum of technology. What they did have was an in-depth knowledge of their patients, their families, occupations and backgrounds, their stresses and strains. They had a great deal of human empathy and wisdom. Medicine was their calling. They commanded respect, but gave it in equal measure. You might say they were the last of their breed. 

It really strikes me that in this new era of medicine, with sometimes very large practices and many doctors, this powerful quality has often been lost. Medicine has become much more transactional, like any other service industry, often based around convenience, efficiency and speed. That’s sometimes fine for simple things; but a great disadvantage is that the simple interactions do gradually build the foundations of the doctor / patient relationship. This means that when the tough stuff comes, as it almost always does eventually, there is a strong bond of trust that’s already formed. 

So, the first part of our vision is about bringing back good ‘old-fashioned’ personalised care. We get to know our patients and they get to know us. 

Now for the ‘new.’ The benefit of progress has led us today, as General Practitioners, to do far more within our Family Medical clinic than when I first trained. Advances in technology have given us the ability to treat many conditions in-house, that we would have previously had to refer. Our laser treatments are a good example. We can treat numerous medical conditions safely and effectively with modern lasers that previously might have required medication or even surgery. 

Another example is having the capability to use science to tailor dietary, exercise and weight-loss programs by having an in-house DEXA Body Composition X-Ray machine. A third example is doctors and other clinicians having a range of special skills and interests, so that we can refer to each other internally rather than patients having to attend multiple clinics to receive necessary healthcare. 

In summary, mine and Nikki’s vision is to help our clients and patients ‘Find their Feelgood’ – to be their trusted guides, leading them to a place where they can genuinely live their lives to the fullest.

Dr Richard Newton



“To achieve our vision, our approach is to look after the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the person. Azure Medical brings together a unique, trusted team of health experts working in collaboration with patients to break down traditional healthcare barriers. This enables patients to access the right care more easily, and empowers individuals to be more informed and proactive towards their health needs.”

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