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women’s health

From contraception to stress incontinence, psychological health to nutrition in pregnancy

You can count on the Azure Medical team to always give you the highest level of personal care and attention. Our female GPs are your trusted partner for any topic or concern relating to Women’s Health. From fertility and pregnancy matters to Laser Women’s Health Treatments, a trusted relationship with your family GP is one of the benefits of Azure Medical. We’re here to help with problems you may encounter, or just to keep you and your family fit and healthy. 

Our female GP’s also specialise in Women’s Health using the latest medical laser technology. Vaginal rejuvenation, for example, is a vaginal tightening, anti-ageing and collagen stimulating procedure. Restoring tone and normal sensitivity to the vagina can boost the pleasure of sexual intercourse, which is sometimes diminished as the vagina becomes looser after pregnancies. This is performed right here on premises at Azure Medical and is convenient, quick and pain-free, completed safely by our doctors using laser light.


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