laser hair removal

Safe, hassle-free and long lasting

Do you have hair in places that you would rather not? Are you fed up with having to shave or wax? Are you suffering from ingrown hairs or skin irritation?

There is a solution. Laser hair removal is one of those amazing medical innovations of the last decade that makes life more convenient and hassle-free. At Azure, we use the latest laser technology and tailor the treatment carefully for the individual, resulting in fewer sessions being required and a very low risk of side effects such as burns or infection. Any area of the body can be treated – face, underarms, bikini, brazilian, legs, both for males and females.

You can relax knowing that your treatment will be performed by a highly trained, qualified and experienced Doctor. We take time when treating you; your privacy and confidentiality are taken seriously.

Prices are based on the areas treated. See the Price List below.




suitable for:

All skin types


time for treatment:

Dependent on treatment area



Minimal downtime


treatments required:

The interval between treatments is often around 4-6 weeks for the first few, then becomes longer as you have more sessions.



  • Safe, effective permanent hair loss
  • Highly experienced Doctor
  • Your privacy and confidentiality is taken seriously


Treatment results

hair removal before 1
hair removal before 2 hair removal after 2
hair removal before 3 hair removal after 3

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