psychology + psychiatry

Helpful skills to make lifes’ stresses and strains more manageable

Attitudes towards wellness and wellbeing have changed dramatically. Today the idea of seeking support for lifes’  pressures no longer conjure images of white rooms, white coats and trips to the country. Conversations are now had in the comfort of your GPs consult room, where it’s usual for us to hear about family pressures, work pressures, problems with eating or sleeping, relationship pressures or other manifestations of anxiety. Our Azure Medical focus is for you to Prosper and Flourish, where through our efforts we help you live your best life. It’s important to us that you have the tools (and skills) to successfully navigate modern life. Part of this is having a network of trusted Psychologists and Psychiatrists who we may refer you to if it is decided other support could be beneficial.

Within our health hub, our wellbeing approach also comes to life in the form of a revolutionary, new and highly effective treatment called Transformational Hypnotherpay (THT). THT is a mixture of hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and Psychotherapy. Taking the world by storm, the method helps people break bad habits, achieve extraordinary results in sport, be more successful in business and the performing arts, increase their focus and motivation, overcome fears and phobias and improve overall wellbeing. 

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