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Your food is your medicine

Weight management, food allergies, sports nutrition, metabolic medical problems – these are the things that keep our nutritionist up at night. The Azure Perth Nutritionist team thrive in helping our patients understand and achieve improved physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing. Together we will explore foundation factors enabling your mind and body to function at its best. Our dream (and desired outcome) is for you to live your best life: to us, this means being in a position where you feel healthy, energetic and happy. When you feel that way, you can enjoy life to the full.

Our Perth Nutritionists have a strong reputation for guiding people to make healthier choices to suit their lifestyles. Our unique approach to healthy eating incorporates health solutions that are fun, supportive and non-judgemental. We will take the time to provide you with specific and personalised advice regarding nutrition and diet on topics including weight management, diabetes and other metabolic medical problems, food allergies and intolerances, child/adolescent eating and nutritional issues, nutrition for general health and sports nutrition. Our Nutritionists also assist with DEXA Body Composition Scans.

Supporting the Nutritionists are our Psychologist Melanie Fisher, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Chacko Varughese, and female GP Dr Aparna Hegde who have special interests in weight loss, hormonal health and complementary therapies. Our belief at Azure Medical is modern medicine should be about holistic wellness, delivering ways to help you prosper and flourish. After all, everyone wants to find their feelgood, right?

Medicare rebates are available when you see our Perth Nutritionist, providing you have been referred via a GP Management Plan. Private health rebates may also apply – please check with your insurer for details.

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