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A vital part of life in Australia

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Yet surprisingly, we don’t always treat it with the respect it deserves. Sunburn, not covering up with clothing, not wearing a hat, not seeking shade, not wearing sunglasses — these are all decisions that could contribute to a less than desirable outcome. Most of us know that Australia is the “skin cancer capital of the world”, and many Australians are at increased risk. If detected early, skin cancer treatment is a whole lot easier, more effective, and less traumatic. It can reduce the risk of spread through the body, any scarring from surgical removals, and even serious illness or death.

At Azure Medical, we have GP’s available with advanced training in skin cancer detection and management. They can undertake skin checks using dermatoscopy, biopsies, surgical excisions, liquid nitrogen freezing and prescription of appropriate creams and medications.

It is not necessary to always see a dermatologist for all skin cancer checks, but be reassured that we work closely with our specialist colleagues and will always refer on when needed.

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About Dr Richard Newton

Dr Richard Newton, GP, developed a strong interest in skin cancer checks and treatments when working a remote GP on King Island, treating the farmers and fisherman who had spent their lives out in the open. This inspired Dr Richard to complete several more advanced training programs in skin cancer checks and early detection, management and surgery where he now inspires and leads his team in this vital part of Australian life.

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