male circumcision

A difficult topic, but not at Azure Medical

Male circumcision can be a sensitive topic. However with our trained medical professionals, there is no topic that needs to be left unsaid.

Carried out for health reasons (and sometimes in accordance with cultural or religious priorities) male circumcision can be completed for babies, boys, teens and adult men. We use the virtually painless Pollock Technique, having chosen this after researching one of the worlds authorities on the matter, Dr Neil Pollock. Dr Pollock’s quick and virtually pain free approach is carried out onsite by Dr Newton, himself a highly qualified GP with Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Book a confidential consultation (New patients only).

Appointments are generally available in just a few days onsite at our Peppermint Grove health hub, where you’ll also have a follow up post procedure appointment in the days following. If you are considering circumcision for you or your son, we invite you to contact us to discuss the range of issues involved, including your medical history.

*Dr Richard Newton offers this service as part of his work with Gentle Procedures. The male circumcision procedure is available at Azure Medical Cottesloe Central.

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