acne scarring treatments

Severe acne can leave scarring on your skin. Looking like ‘craters’ or ‘ice pick’ marks, the scars are caused by excessive collagen production during the inflammatory acne phase. It goes without saying scarring of this kind can lead to high levels of self-consciousness where it’s common for people to feel a need to withdraw. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Medical laser systems have come a long way in the last few years. Twenty years ago, treatments were very aggressive with a lot of painful recovery time needed. These days, downtime is much quicker, and it’s no more painful than uncomfortable. Using the latest technology, you no longer need to go to hospital or run up expensive specialists: we have the latest technology with qualified, experienced, empathetic specialist giving you access to be best treatments uniquely for you.

What is Laser Acne Scarring Treatment?
Treatments include the Jan Marini Skin Management System and associated products, Peels, Microneedling, and Laser Resurfacing.


How does Laser Acne Scarring Treatment work?
Single wavelength laser light is used to exactly target the areas you want to treat without damaging other parts of the skin. Laser waves cause very rapid heating, breaking down scar tissue stimulating deep regeneration, renewing the skin and reducing scar severity. For your peace of mind, the laser waves are absorbed by water in the skin.


What to expect?
As you’d expect, our laser specialist has a careful, thorough and orderly process we’ll guide you through. It involves a local anaesthetic gel, waiting for this to take effect, and then the 20-30min treatment including a cool air blower and protect eye glasses.


Is there any downtime?
Its normal to feel like you’ve had a dose of sunburn, where this lasts 4-5 days. As with sunburn, your skin becomes dry and will peel in the days after treatment. Most patients find 3-4 after treatment the redness starts to settle. It’s usual to start using makeup approximately 4 days post treatment.


How many treatments are required?
We find our patients are delighted with the results from laser acne scarring treatment. On average, we find most people need 3 sessions, but this may extend up to 6 for deep scarring.


How much does it cost?
Prior to any treatment, we sit with you assessing your situation. This is carried out by our registered GPs to check that you are a suitable candidate. For treatments addressing severe scarring such as deep icepicks, bulk-billing may be available if you have a Medicare card.

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