flu shots

The Flu, or Influenza, is a highly contagious respiratory system virus that negatively affects thousands of people every year. Each year the flu virus changes, which is why it’s important to get a flu jab every flu season.

Ranging from mild to serious, the very serious cases can result in death in young children, older adults and vulnerable people. Influenza centres in over 100 countries work together to develop new vaccines continuously. Flu viruses can change abruptly and at different times of the year, so the vaccines are adjusted for the hemisphere you live in. A flu shot, or vaccine is recommended as your best protection against the potential serious health risks Influenza can cause.

Azure Medical offers free flu shots for people aged 65+, children aged 6 months to 5 years (Federal Government), 5 years to 11 years (WA State Goverment), pregnant women and for those with chronic medical problems.

We can also help you and your entire family with an update for your vaccines and immunisations, travel vaccines and child immunisations. For more information on the Influenza Immunisation Program as advised by the WA State Government, click here.

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