Hair is great, but not when it’s growing in places we’d rather it didn’t, especially if it’s dark and prominent. A vast amount of time, energy and money is spent on keeping it in check. Laser hair removal is the gold standard for permanent hair removal and we have successfully helped thousands of patients say goodbye to the hassles of waxing, shaving and plucking.

What causes excess hair growth?

Most clients we treat for hair removal have a normal amount of hair, as it covers nearly all of our body. But in some cases, there can be underlying hormonal causes, especially if women have growth of dark hair in areas such as the face, chest or tummy – known as “hirsutism”. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is common in this situation and can be tested for with blood tests and ultrasound scans.

Either way, laser hair removal is usually the most effective way of managing the problem without taking medication.