As we age, we lose collagen, elasticity, fat, muscle and bone from our face. This can present as loss of volume in the face. Firm skin and natural fatty areas in our face make us look youthful, and that loss of volume has the reverse effect.

If you are wondering why suddenly you have deep nasolabial folds – the skin folds running from your nose to the corners of your mouth – then this is typically one of the signs of loss of volume from the cheeks, plus loss of collagen causing wrinkles in the skin.

“Marionette lines” and “jowls” are also a common complaint. These are the lines that run from the mouth corners downwards to the chin, and the fat that sags down around the jaw. This can be due to loss of volume from in front of the ear, and again through the cheeks.

Other factors which can contribute to loss of volume are lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun damage, hormonal or medical issues and “yoyo” dieting.

As there are quite a few options available and each are tailored to the individual it is best to book a free assessment with one of our skin care experts Maira or Ailsa to talk through your options at Azure Medical.