Trusted technology and your trusted Family GP. A good starting point.

Fat reduction, like many other medical topics, is a very popular marketing avenue. So how do you distinguish reliable and proven techniques from scams?

Talk to your local Family GP, and ask for scientific references, and the origin of the technology being used, before you commit to a treatment.

Fat reduction, in this day and age, can be non-invasive. In the past we used to rely on cosmetic surgery, facelifts, liposuction and other invasive techniques. With the CoolSculpting excess fat reduction treatments, you now have access to the latest, approved medical technology, in the comfort of your local GP clinic here in Perth.

Convenient. Safe. Quick.

This fat reduction technique is designed based on scientific research. In a nutshell, fat cells shrink when we cool them to very low temperatures. CoolSculpting uses this research to offer a non-invasive, easy to apply treatment method. You can read or work while you’re in treatment, and there’s virtually no recovery time.

If you are wondering “Am I a candidate?”, check out this page.

Fat Reduction Perth

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