Am I a Candidate For Fat Freezing?

Coolsculpting | Non-invasive fat removal treatments at Azure Medical.

Slim your body, lose your double chin. Without a liposuction or any other surgery.

So you wonder “Am I a candidate for Fat Freezing?” after having heard about Coolsculpting. At Azure Medical, we use your first consult to discuss your expectations. Once you know which areas of your body you want to slim, we discuss your treatment plan.

Coolsculpting removes excessive fat through an innovative process of fat-freezing. Fat cells shrink when cooled down, and scientists used this fact to develop an innovative new technology: Coolsculpting.

am I a candidate for fat freezing

At Azure Medical GPs and Cosmetic Centre, we pride ourselves in providing holistic health care: we care about your entire family. And we care about your whole wellbeing. So it’s our goal to make you feel healthy, on the inside and out.

Am I a candidate for fat freezing and a new look?

Slimming your body, and altering your contours, can have a deep impact on your self-confidence and overall wellbeing. Our team will be happy to discuss your personalised plan to benefit from this innovative treatment in the comfort of your trusted Perth GP Clinic.

Check out our before and after pictures.

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More about CoolSculpting

Innovative, non-invasive fat-reduction and reduction of stubborn fat

  • CoolSculpting Perth
  • What is CoolSculpting?
    A new, innovative medical technology to slim areas of your body, available at your Perth GP, at Azure Medical.
  • CoolSculpting Perth
  • Before & After
    Check out some convincing results obtained by real patients. Patient outcomes may vary on an individual basis.
  • CoolSculpting Perth
  • Am I a Candidate?
    Find out if CoolSculpting fat reduction is suitable for your unique personal health situation.
  • CoolSculpting Perth
  • FAQ's CoolSculpting
    Scientific background. Safety. Convenience. Cost. Expected downtime. Find out more on our FAQ page.
  • CoolSculpting Perth
  • Cost
    More about the cost of your personalised CoolSculpting treatment plan, tailored to your needs and expectations.

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