Coronavirus / COVID-19 Video-Consultation Service

Dear patients old and new,

Azure Medical is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic proactively by introducing a private Video-Consultation service. This is in the final stages of development.

Who is this for?

This is an alternative route to access your GP avoiding the need to come to the surgery, for example if you have been advised to (or choose) to remain isolated.

Please note that practice is open and continuing to provide face-to-face consultations and treatments, for both GP services and our extended Laser, Cosmetic and Aesthetic services, as normal. We are taking all the extra necessary precautions to keep the practice as safe an environment as possible.

The video consultation will be with a regular Azure Medical GP of your choice (limited by availability).

This will enable you to receive advice, and to request services such as Medical Certificates, prescriptions, specialist referrals and requests for normal pathology tests. As of the latest advice, GP’s are now unable to refer patients directly for COVID-19 testing – this can only be done for at-risk patients fulfilling the below criteria via the main hospital COVID-19 clinics.

Criteria for testing at a COVID clinic:

  • Return within 14 days from an at-risk country (proof of travel required), PLUS respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat; or
  • Contact with a confirmed COVID case – must give name of confirmed contact

Instructions for accessing a video consultation are as below.

Both existing and new patients are welcome to use the service. You do not need to fit any government qualifying criteria.

Cost of service?

There is a flat rate of $85 for a video consultation of up to 15 minutes.

There is no Medicare rebate. This is not a government-funded or bulk-billed service. The fee is the same no matter your age and is not reduced by a concession card (e.g. Health Care
Card, Pension Card). We have calculated that this is the minimum fee to allow us to provide a quality service, being the same as a standard face-to face consultation fee.

Why are we not using the government Medicare rebate?

  • It is bureaucratic and only certain groups of patients can access it
  • Jumping over hurdles is time-wasting and confusing
  • The rebate is not sufficient to cover our costs and we have been told we are not allowed to charge a reasonable gap fee.

How to book?

You will need a mobile phone or device and have the AMSConnect app installed.

>Download it on Apple here. > Download it on Google Play here.


You can book a Video-consultation appointment via the mobile app or our website.



  1. Open AMSConnect
  2. Ensure you have registered – you will be prompted for your details
  3. Go to “Make Appointment”
  4. Select “Telehealth”
  5. Click on “Appointment Type” and select “Standard Appt – Via Video Consult” (the only current option)
  6. Read the warning message about the $85 charge, and if happy to proceed press Yes and you will be asked to enter your Credit Card details for payment
  7. You can then book a time that suits you, with either your own regular doctor or the first available doctor.

5 minutes before, you will be sent an SMS reminder to log back into the AMSConnect app.

Click on the “Telehealth Appointment” option, and you will be connected automatically via Video.


Please call reception on 92869900 and we will assist you further.

We are, proudly, a GP Urgent Care Network Pilot participating practice.

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