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IVF is an emotional roller-coaster for couples. Our emotional health during this time may come under pressure as we juggle appointments, medical results, finances, well-meaning family and friends, as well as our usually busy lives at work and at home.

Here are a few IVF support tips to survive this often stressful process, individually and as a couple:

5 tips to improve IVF success:

1. Take time for yourself and your relationships. Becoming focused and single-minded is a normal part of coping with fertility issues. Ensure that you keep as much balance as possible by having ‘time away’ from thinking and talking about the issue. Don’t forget your partner in the process.
2. Be mindful – Focus on what is happening in the present moment; taking one day at a time can really help when life becomes overwhelming. Deciding what to focus on – if it isn’t helpful to you…move on. Stop comparing yourself to other people who have had IVF. You are unique and you will experience this in a way that is unique to you.
3. Build your team. Garner support from people around you during this time. Whether you tell them of your journey or not is entirely up to you. This can be a friend, gym-buddy, support group, counsellor or coach.
4. Check your mind-set. Do you have the strategies you need for this journey?
5. Put yourself first. It’s important to put you (and your partner) first in this process to ensure you stay emotionally and physically well and healthy.

How coaching and IVF support can help with fertility:

● Coaching can help you to deal with the emotions, unexpected challenges, overwhelming amount of information and insecurities that are evoked by infertility and IVF.
● Coaching can help to regain your balance and sense of control that is often lost during this time.
● Coaching can ensure you maintain your health and wellbeing and manage stress effectively.
● Coaching is solution-focused, helping you to break problems down into manageable chunks.

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