mental health care plan

When you have health goals that will take time to achieve, a Comprehensive Preventative Health Plan is a helpful tool for us to prioritise and summarise treatment options as we work together toward your goals. Ideal for both children and adults, Preventative Health Plans help us clearly understand what your treatment will involve over a time period, allowing us to coordinate your care ensuring you have access to the advice and support of different specialists and allied health providers. Among the many benefits a Preventative Health Plan delivers are a sense of ownership within you, and control over your treatment schedule. Knowing things will go smoothly and without confusion is one less thing on your mind at this time. Azure Medical recommend Preventative Health Care Plans for longer term or complex health problems.

GP Management Plans are a plan developed specifically for you focussing on the health challenges you present with. Through our professional knowledge, training and available medical services, we layout and detail the treatment schedule best for you, ensuring the actions you can take you manage your condition are discussed and included for you to action. GP Management Plans can also qualify suitable patients for extra Medicare funding, cutting the cost of your treatment for services like visits to a physiotherapist, podiatrist, speech therapist, exercise physiologist and our in-house dietitian. You can receive five Medicare funded sessions per year, with your GP Management Plan also funded by Medicare, usually eliminating any gap fee for this service. Azure Medical recommend GP Management Plans for conditions that require treatment lasting longer than 3 months.

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