Telehealth appointments

Sometimes you need to see your doctor but may not be able to attend a physical appointment. It’s Telehealth appointments which make healthcare more accessible for everyone.  These are private phone OR video consultations designed to provide access to your GP/doctor in a convenient, safe and comfortable way if you are unable to make it into our practice. 

Reasons you may choose to opt for a telehealth consult include:

  • You have been advised to stay at home
  • You require a consultation for an exam/procedure which cannot be completed online or over the phone
  • Mobility/transport restrictions
  • Distance / travel
  • Shift work alignment 

Please note there are some instances where face-to-face consultations and treatments will remain essential. This includes a range of GP services and procedures that require physical exam and our extended Laser, Cosmetic and Aesthetic services. 

If you are unsure your appointment qualifies for Telehealth, please call to chat to one of our friendly staff to discuss your options further. 

Through this service you will be able to receive advice, and to request services such as Medical Certificates, prescriptions, specialist referrals and requests for normal pathology tests. 


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