**Please note we are not currently a COVID-19 vaccine clinic, find out more information here.**

There’s no doubt travelling can be one of life’s most stimulating activities. New countries, different cultures, new faces, tasty foods, new experiences – there’s so much to look forward to and enjoy, and lots of planning to do. Without travel vaccines your trip could quickly become a nightmare.

Vaccination is a scientific way to ensure you are protected against particular infections. Commonly you might need Hepatitis A and Typhoid travel vaccines, Tetanus Boosters, and influenza vaccination. For some countries, you may require Hepatitis B, Cholera and even in some cases Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis. With this in mind, it’s wise for travellers to have a health check-up and a chat about travel vaccines at least 6 weeks before departure.

Book a doctor’s appointment at our practice in Cottseloe Central today.

Azure Medical will discuss what immunisations you might need and begin the journey of getting you organised. Health risks may vary from one region to another, where it’s common to see outbreaks within one country but not another at the time you are travelling. As your GP, we will make sure any medical conditions you have are stable, make sure you have the prescriptions needed and if necessary, ensure you have a plan for managing your medical conditions while you are on the move. Depending on the region and countries you are travelling to, you may need a letter with the full details of that medication, avoiding any inconveniences when you pass through customs in the country you’re visiting. We will provide you with this.

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