A DEXA Body Scan is a bone density scan that determines the exact makeup of your body including fat, muscle and bone percentages

Having a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Scan (DEXA Body Scan), before and after a weight loss or fitness program is a great way to accurately track your progress and see the benefits.

The advanced technology makes the DEXA Body Scan much more informative than just standing on your ordinary scales, or gimmicky fat measuring gadgets. Many athletes and keen sportspeople use a DEXA Body Scan to fine tune their diet and training regimes.

With our DEXA Body Scan we will be able to check that your bone density is not dangerously low. Osteopaenia or osteoporosis, caused by low bone mineral density, can greatly increase your risk of fractures, but can be treated when caught early.


What are the risks?

A DEXA scan is very safe and has no side effects. The dose of X-ray used for our body composition scan is very small, less than 1/10th of a chest X-ray. This means that the risks of being exposed to the radiation of the scan are very low. The scan itself takes between 10 and 30 minutes and there are no after effects.


What are the costs involved with a DEXA Body Scan?

We charge $110 for a weekday DEXA body composition scan, which includes a full explanation of your results.

For just $80 you can have a Dietitian consultation after your Body Composition scan to give you suggestions on how to reach your goals (total $190). You may be eligible for a private health insurance rebate for the dietitian consult.

For weekend appointments the fees are $140 for a DEXA scan (extra $80 if you would like the dietitian consult – subject to availability).

Before your scan, you will see one of our doctors for a consultation and referral form (bulk-billed), so no referral from your own doctor is required.

For DEXA Body Composition scan bookings please call 0892869900 – we are unable to accept bookings online for this service. Thanks!