Need a Flu Shot? Book an appointment with your Family GP

Flu shot campaigns remind us that influenza still carries serious health risks.

The flu virus is continually changing, which is why it’s important to get your jab every year. Influenza centres in over 100 countries work together to develop new vaccines continuously.

Just when you thought you knew the virus well

Flu viruses can change abruptly and at different times of the year, so the vaccines are adjusted for the hemisphere you live in.

Your Perth GP at Cottesloe Central /Azure Medical, offers free flu jabs for 65 and over, kids between 6 months and 5, for those with chronic medical problems and for pregnant women. Quadrivalent private flu jabs are $20. Consult bulk-billed if it’s just for the jab.

Other vaccines

At Azure Medical we can help you and your entire family with an update for your vaccines and immunisations, travel vaccines and child immunisations.