Comprehensive Preventative Health plans are wonderful if you require ongoing help

If you have a longer term or more complex medical problem, we develop preventative health plans to prioritise and summarise treatment options and goals.

Preventative health plans together help us clearly understand what your treatment will involve over time and the health goals we are aiming to achieve together. It helps us co-ordinate your care amongst the different specialists and allied health providers that you might be seeing, so that things go smoothly without confusion.

Even better, a GP management plan can qualify suitable patients for extra Medicare funding for services such as visits to a physiotherapist, dietitian or podiatrist, so it can cut the cost of your treatment.


Tailored to your needs

Your GP management plan is developed specifically for you, the health challenges you are facing and the treatment schedules we recommend for you. At Azure Medical we don’t just treat part of you, we treat the whole person.

GP management plans are funded by Medicare, which usually eliminates any doctor’s gap fee for this service.