If you have concerns about particular Men’s Health issues, you’ll find you can talk openly and easily to your Azure Medical GP, who will put you at your ease.

Reproductive and sexual health can not only cause discomfort and inconvenience, but it can also be a sensitive topic to discuss. Our focus is to offer you a welcoming, friendly and confidential environment in which to talk to your men’s health GP.

Whatever the nature of your concern about men’s health, we can help you to understand your condition and work out a plan to manage it.

Whether you have a question about prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate or general prostate health, male depression, hormone imbalances or erectile dysfunction, you can talk to us.


Testosterone Replacement

As a man, you naturally experience a gradual drop in your testosterone levels, as you get older. For some, testosterone levels may fall so low that you can develop troublesome symptoms including fatigue, lack of energy, depression and loss of libido. If tests show low testosterone levels, you may sometimes be diagnosed with Testosterone Deficiency. In some cases testosterone replacement. therapy may be the recommended approach. At Azure Medical we are able to assess for testosterone deficiency and treat it in the best possible way, issuing prescriptions for testosterone replacement medications from the pharmacy when appropriate (please note we do not supply testosterone or any other similar supplements on site).


Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction.

Symptoms like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction affect up to 30% of men. Often couples suffer in silence. There’s a lot of pushy advertising for treatments out there, which are often unproven and ineffective. Don’t fall into that trap. Modern treatments available on prescription can be very effective to help men achieve and sustain erections, and also to reduce the impact of premature ejaculation.

Do not feel at all ashamed or shy about bringing it up with your doctor. You’ll find once you’ve broached the subject the stress levels come down straight away as you realise things can be done to help. As professional GP’s we will treat the issue with compassion, respect and in the most effective way.