Future employers often want to check if you have any potential health problems when they choose to hire you.

Although it may feel like a burden, it’s important to understand that your medical assessment is required not just to measure the risks for the employer. The other side of this is that you have a better view on the risks for your own personal health, when you embark on this new professional journey.

What is involved?

Typical pre-employment medical assessments start with your height and weight, your body mass index (BMI), your blood pressure and pulse. Often, your assessment will include a full physical examination of your heart, lungs, abdomen and musculoskeletal systems. It’s designed to pick up on anything that might need attention before working in conditions that put stress on the body, such as using heavy machinery or hot conditions.

We can help with pre-employment medical assessments.

Come and see us at our medical centre in Cottesloe Centre, call us on 92869900 or use the email enquiry form below. At Azure Medical we will be happy to make sure you tick all the boxes before you start your new job.