Travel Vaccines.

Choose to be on the safe side when you prepare your exotic trip.

Without travel vaccines your trip could become a nightmare so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you have any pre-existing or chronic health problems, it’s wise to have a health check-up and a chat about travel vaccines at least 6 weeks before your departure. As your GP we will then make sure your conditions are stable. Another aspect of this check-up would be a conversation and a plan for managing your condition while you are on the move.

Travel vaccines are only one aspect of your travel health

If you have to carry prescribed medication with you on the trip, then we will write a letter with the full details of that medication, avoiding any inconveniences when you pass through customs in the country you’re visiting.

So which travel vaccines do I need?

For certain countries we will check if you are up to date with your Hepatitis A and Typhoid travel vaccines. A good indicator is when the general travel advice for your destination recommends you to drink bottled water only.
If you’re traveling to an area where Rabies exists and where you are at risk of being exposed to animals, then it’s wise to consider a pre-exposure Rabies vaccine. Your Rabies vaccine, just like the Hepatitis B vaccine, require you to take action well in advance of your departure date.

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