Without travel vaccines your trip could quickly become a nightmare – so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s wise for travellers to have a health check-up and a chat about travel vaccines at least 6 weeks before departure.
We will discuss what immunisations you might need and get them organised. As your GP we will then make sure any medical conditions are stable, you have the prescriptions you need and if necessary you have a plan for managing your medical conditions while you are on the move.

Travel vaccines are only one aspect of your travel health.

If you have to carry certain prescribed medication with you on the trip, then you may need a letter with the full details of that medication, avoiding any inconveniences when you pass through customs in the country you’re visiting.

So which travel vaccines do I need?

Commonly you might need Hepatitis A and Typhoid travel vaccines, Tetanus Boosters, and influenza vaccination. For some countries, you may require Hepatitis B, Cholera and even in some cases Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis. Your Cottesloe Travel Health GP can work out a schedule for you and explain the pro’s and con’s. We issue prescriptions which can usually be collected at our pharmacy in the Shopping Centre, so that we can get started straight away. Book a Travel Health Consultation in Perth on 92869900.