Omnilux Light Therapy for Acne.

Omnilux LED light therapy is a very effective treatment for mild to moderate acne.

Omnilux light therapy for acne uses a blue light to neutralises the bacteria in the skin, and a red light to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing.

The full course of treatment consists of 8 light sessions, alternating between blue and red, over a 4 week period. Each session lasts for 20 minutes. On average this can clear 70-80% of acne lesions . The benefits continue even after the treatment finishes, usually lasting at least 6 months. Sometimes then a few top-up treatments might be needed. We will recommend appropriate skin care products to use during treatment.

light therapy for acne
The benefits of Omnilux Acne Treatment include:

– Clinical trials show an 82% reduction in inflammatory acne lesions. More than 75% of patients respond with excellent results.
– Patients see an improvement in acne as early as the 4th treatment (2 weeks)
– No downtime or pain, suitable for all ages.
– Best results are achieved by also using a suitable skin care product, and having a Hydrafacial hydrodermabrasion treatment – half-price first Hydrafacial for those having Omnilux!

Improvements continue to be seen when your light therapy for acne has ended:

– 45% of patients see optimal clearance 4 weeks after the final light treatment.
– 38% see best results 8 weeks after completion of treatment.
– 17% see their optimum result 12 weeks after completion.
– Omnilux therapy works not just by killing the bacteria but stimulating correct inflammatory balance in the skin. The number of inflammatory lesions continues to reduce up to 16 weeks after treatment.

Active Acne Omnilux Package.

We recognise that acne is a distressing condition and we like to make our Omnilux Light Therapy for Acne as affordable and accessible as possible for all patients.

Therefore we offer a discounted package for comprehensive acne treatment. Designed to help clear mild-to-moderate acne quickly effectively without tablets or medication, this package gives you a saving of $133 over the individual prices.

  • Comprehensive consult with GP and Skin Therapist
  • 8 Omnilux Sessions – twice per week for 4 weeks – 20 mins each time
  • Alternates between the blue light (stimulates the skin to kill off the P. Acnes bacteria responsible for breakouts) and the red light (promotes healing, reduces redness, scarring and inflammation)
  • 2 Hydrafacials – one at start, one at then end – to deeply cleanse, decongest, exfoliate and give a kick start to your skin’s recovery
  • 1 Jan Marini Cleanser (Bioglycolic or Benzyl Peroxide)
  • Price: $699 all inclusive
  • Call 92869900 to book or find out more.
light therapy for acne
light therapy for acne
light therapy for acne
light therapy for acne
light therapy for acne

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