Omnilux Skin Rejuvenation.

Omnilux is a natural skin rejuvenation treatment that the celebrities love to use.

Skin Rejuvenation: Fast and easy, immediately effective and has no side effects at all – except for looking younger of course!

The ever popular Omnilux Light Therapy for skin rejuvenation is now available at Azure Medical Cottesloe. This LED light therapy stimulates a natural process of skin rejuvenation, using the body’s own natural repair processes to counteract and reverse the signs of ageing. This treatment is loved by celebrities in Australia and around the world because it’s quick, relaxing, easy and allows the skin to look younger in a more natural way.

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See this story from Channel 9 Mornings programme on skin rejuvenation – Omnilux is “changing the face of beauty” and “actually delivering on its promise”.

The benefits of Omnilux include:

– Natural skin rejuvenation, gentle, no downtime.
– No pain or side effects.
– Quick, easy and very relaxing.
– Works great in combination with our other skin treatments.

– For rejuvenation, 9 sessions are recommended – 2-3 per week for 3-4 weeks. Takes 20 minutes each time.
– A nice side effect is that it can boost the levels of natural endorphins in the brain, the “happiness hormone”, so clients often feel a boost in their mood!

skin rejuvenation

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