Michael Furfaro
Dietitian and DEXA Scanner

B.Sc. (Health Sciences) MSc (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Helping others find happiness through developing a better relationship with food is what drives our resident Dietitian and DEXA Scanner Michael Furfaro to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Michael believes happiness comes from a patient realising their full potential. This is why he takes the time to thoroughly understand an individual’s health goals. This could present itself as weight loss, muscle mass increase, a personal sports goal, high cholesterol, diabetes or a range of other health issues. With a fine eye on detail he investigates every avenue to optimise results. Diet, underlying health issues, health history, lifestyle, DEXA scans; these all add up to help Michael put together an effective and individualised nutrition strategy for everyone he sees.

With a strong plan in place he is able to guide the personal goals of his clients, whether they’re sporting professionals or everyday people. Through his practice he educates and helps them develop a stronger relationship with their own nutrition, tracking progress to help them stay accountable.

His own experience of growing up in a strong Italian family who have a love for food and the culture that surrounds it, balanced with his own healthy and active lifestyle, is what inspires him to integrate his passion for good food and good health into his everyday practice.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Health science, with a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. When he’s not working you’ll find him out hiking, playing sport or seeking out new and exciting experiences. 

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