Sharon Krupic Azure Medical Cottesloe Perth

Sharon Krupic
Practice & Cosmetic Nurse

BSc (Nursing)

I am a perfectionist, and very meticulous in my approach. I like to continually educate patients, as well as myself, to deliver the very best results for their needs. I guess you could say I have high standards and high expectations!

Feeling as ‘you’ as you can. That’s what Sharon wants everyone to embrace deep down. It’s this approach to health and aesthetics that makes her a perfect fit for the Azure team. Sharon believes lifting someone’s confidence isn’t artificially creating a look that’s not there, it’s accentuating what makes you unique. Taking a natural view on beauty, she both informs and educates her patients around their expectations, and what is realistically achievable. This begins with exploring what you might love about yourself, then building on that to reach your aesthetic goals.

Sharon’s uplifting approach to her patients’ wellbeing plays a big part in them finding their feelgood. Her kind and lighthearted manner mixed with her meticulously high standards around work builds trust in everyone she sees. And for her, trust plays one of the biggest roles in her job. In dermal and skin rejuvenation treatments, injectables, body contouring or in general healthcare, feeling comfortable enough to open up about personal insecurities can help you get your ideal outcome. So with her understanding nature shining through, Sharon reassures every one of her clients they can be themselves, knowing they’re in the best possible hands.

The synergy between the cosmetic and healthcare side of Azure resonates strongly with Sharon. She finds their natural approach to aesthetics aligns with her own values, while the opportunity to be a part of a clinical healthcare setting provides a full scope of care to her clients. But beyond this, it’s building a sense of happiness, confidence and wellbeing in those she sees that is the ultimate driver for why Sharon loves what she does.


wrinkle relaxers
jan marini peels

All facials

laser hair removal
needling / mesotherapy
dermal filler (mid and lower face)

qualifications & training

Bachelor of Science (Nursing) | Curtin University of Technology
Grad. Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing | Australian College of Nursing
Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Associate Diploma Health Science
Aestheticians Diploma

Complications & Vascular Emergencies | Aesthetics & Skin Institute
Mid & Lower Face Rejuvenation With Dermal filler | Teoxane
Masterclass | Dr Benji Dhillon |Teoxane Dermal Filler
Botulinum Type A Toxin-haemagglutinin Complex Upper Face Rejuvenation | Galderma
Individualised Approach to Mid & Lower Facial Rejuvenation with Dermal Filler Treatments Restylane| Galderma

Foundational Cosmetic Injectable | DermaMedical Australia
Advanced Cosmetic Injectable | DermaMedical Australia
Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Safety Officer (Cosmetic Practice) | Bravura education
Advanced Laser & Intense Pulsed Light (Cosmetic Practice) | Bravura education
Paramedical Aesthetics | Ricky Allen