Bio-remodelling Injections

A game changer in anti-ageing treatments.

The level of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in our skin depletes as we age, causing the skin to lose its natural firmness. This loss of firmness usually starts to become noticeable in our 30s.

Approved for use in Australia in 2022, Bio-remodelling Injections remodel and restore the skin using the highest concentration of ultra-pure hyaluronic acid on the market – the first of its kind. This innovative treatment leaves the skin plumper, tighter and radiating a natural glow.

About the treatment

Bio-remodelling Injections hydrate the skin from within. They stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin and have high spreadability to be able to create volume in the tissue where it is needed. This results in lifted tissue with fewer wrinkles, improved skin texture, intense hydration, and an improvement in skin quality and firmness.

Skin bio-remodelling only takes about 10 minutes (with minimal downtime) and is relatively painless. An initial course of treatment is 2-3 sessions approximately 30 days apart. If necessary, typical maintenance is a single treatment session every six months to a year.

Who is it ideal for?

Bio-remodelling Injections are perfect for anyone, male or female, looking to counteract the loss of their skin’s natural firmness. By providing hydration and collagen synthesis, it has amazing anti-ageing results.

suitable for:

Anyone who has skin laxity, ‘crepey’ skin or fine lines and wrinkles.

time for treatment:

10 minutes.


There is no downtime.

treatments required:

The recommended protocol for initial treatment is two sessions with a 30-day interval, followed (if necessary) by maintenance treatments. Some patients may require 3 sessions at monthly intervals.


Firmness, skin laxity, skin hydration, skin quality, tone and texture.


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