Treatment Snapshot

Suitable for:

Any patient with a fungal nail infection, finger or toenails

Time for Treatment:

Allow 15 minutes


No downtime


No medications required, less hassle than using antifungal paints for extended periods of time

Treatments Required:

4 treatments, 1 week apart

Before & Afters

  • Onychomycosis_5

  • Onychomycosis_4

Treatment Pricing

  • Fungal Nail:

    $130 ($37 Medicare rebate)

    per treatment

The Detail

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment gives us new and far more effective ways to treat this old nasty!

Creams take forever to work (if ever!), are time-consuming and inconvenient to use. Anti-fungal tablets need to be taken for several months and can cause side effects, which often just don’t seem worth it. Our secret weapon for fungal nail infection treatment? Laser!

Luckily, the hassle of inconvenient creams or tablets can be over for you because Laser offers us a new solution. Carefully controlled laser light can be used to penetrate the nail and kill off the fungus, giving a long-term cure.