Treatment Snapshot

Suitable for:

All ages

Time for Treatment:

30 minutes


Minimal downtime, no peeling and minimal redness or side effects


The laser heats and destroys overactive sebaceous glands

Treatments Required:

3-6 treatments, approximately 1 week apart

Treatment Pricing

  • Laser active acne:


    per treatment

The Detail

Our sophisticated dual wavelength laser system uses two complimentary wavelengths; one that selectively targets large sebaceous glands to treat active acne, and one that can remove any acne-scarred skin, revealing the undamaged skin below. We individualise your treatment to give the best results for your particular situation.

  • Medication is not required (unless health care team specifically recommend it)
  • For mild-to-moderate acne, it has an unsurpassed treatment success rate, compared with alternative methods
  • complete recovery for the procedure is achieved within date

No anaesthetic requires, pain free, safe and suitable for any age.