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Have you had severe acne in the past that’s left your skin with scars? Scars from acne often look like small craters, or ‘ice pick’ marks in the skin. There may be raised areas and redness. The scars are caused by excess collagen production during the inflammatory phase of the acne. They are often permanent and can be difficult to treat.

At Azure Medical, we understand that feeling great about the way you look is a vital part of your health. Our Laser Acne Scarring Treatment can literally change lives, giving sufferers of acne scarring renewed confidence and therefore helping them achieve their full potential in life.

We have immense experience at Azure Medical with Laser Acne Scarring treatment and complications are very rare.

What to expect

The first step in treatment is to paint a strong local anaesthetic gel onto the areas of your face that we are going to treat. We then wait an hour for this to take effect.

In the laser room, the treatment takes around 20-30 minutes. We have a cool air blower that you can hold and use to keep your face cool – patients find it very soothing. We will place eye shields or special glasses on to protect your eyes from the
laser light.

The first pass with the laser is in a ‘Fractional’ (sometimes known as ‘Fraxel’) mode. This is where the laser beam is divided into a grid of small dots. The small dots drill tiny channels into the skin, breaking down deep scar tissue. As surrounding islands of skin are left intact, this results in much quicker healing.

The second pass is using the laser in a full-beam mode (7mm wide beam). This provides a moderate depth peel to take off damaged surface layers of skin, and provide an improved, healthier, shinier texture to the skin.

After this, you are all done with the laser. We apply a special wound healing gel called Stratamed, and recommend you buy a tube of it to use for the next few days.

suitable for:

Acne scarring, such as icepick scarring

time for treatment:

30 minutes


The first 4-5 days after treatment are when your face is going to appear red, like you’ve had a dose of sunburn. 

The skin will then become dry and will peel. This process takes 7-10 days. Most patients need about 3-4 days after 

treatment for the redness to settle before going back to work, especially if you are dealing with customers or are very self-conscious about your skin. You can start to use mineral make-ups after about 4 days. It’s important to avoid excess sun exposure for 4 weeks after (and before) laser treatments.

treatments required:

We find our patients are delighted with the results from laser acne scarring treatment, and the brief recovery period, so are often very keen to have the next session as soon as possible! On average, most patients need three sessions, but this may be up to six for really deep scarring.


Ablating the superficial layers of the skin breaks down scar tissue, stimulates the formation of new collagen and regenerates the skin. The skin returns with a more even texture.

Treatment results

1. pre laser front - acne scarring treatment perth
2. Immediately post laser - acne scarring treatment perth
3) Day 1 Post Laser - acne scarring treatment perth
4. Day 3 Post Laser Front - acne scarring treatment perth
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