omnilux light therapy for acne

Clinically proven for problem skin

Omnilux Light Therapy is a fast, easy non-invasive treatment for Acne with no side effects. Suitable for people of all ages, women and men will find their skin will typically appear smoother, clearer and brighter after just one treatment. Using a combination of blue and red LED light therapy, the treatment destroys bacteria responsible for the inflammation, stimulates cell growth, decreases inflammation and pore size and stabilises oil production in the future.

We’re pleased to offer Omnilux Light Therapy as a treatment solution for Acne. We know feeling good about your appearance can lead to increased psychological and emotional benefits.


suitable for:

Suitable for anyone suffering from mild to moderate inflammatory acne


time for treatment:

Allow 20 minutes





treatments required:

8 Omnilux treatments over the course of 4 weeks, alternating between the red and blue LED light



Suitable and effective for most skin types
Quick & simple
Promotes body’s own natural healing process


Treatment results

omnilux acne before 1 omnilux ance after
omnilux acne after 2

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