Azure Signature ‘feelgood facial’

Take time for your skin and yourself

To unwind your mind and glow-up your skin, we’ve created the most indulgent of facials that will have you feeling like you’ve just returned from a one week holiday on your own private island. 

The Azure Signature Feelgood Facial combines our most relaxing and purifying facial treatments to invigorate and refresh your skin. Be pampered with a facial cleanse, gentle skin exfoliation treatment and a purifying mask formulated precisely to your skin’s unique needs to pull out impurities and replenish hydration. These signature treatments are designed to reduce signs of aging, brighten your complexion and unleash the radiance within. 

We’ll also perform a light facial massage that works to stimulate blood circulation, lifting and tightening your skin. And to completely melt away the stress and tension or the world around you a luxurious neck, shoulder, hand and arm acupressure massage is performed so you leave your Azure Signature Relaxation Facial floating on a cloud of pure indulgence.  

Suitable for any skin type, this luxurious treatment is for anyone looking to unlock a brighter complexion and soothe the tensions brought on by daily life.

time for treatment:

Allow 1 hour.


No downtime and no recovery time.

treatments required:

One per month for optimum results however, you can do one when you feel like you need to shake off some stress.


PURIFIES + CLEANSES: Removes impurities, dirt and build up from the surface of the skin.

EXFOLIATES + HYDRATES: Leaves your skin feeling smooth and plump.

RELAXES + INVIGORATES: Stimulates blood flow and releases all over tension.

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