Silhouette Soft Threading

The non surgical facelift

Get the benefits of a facelift… Without surgery! With age, your skin loses elasticity and volume. You may find your jawline is less defined or your cheekbones don’t have the definition you desire. Yet committing to invasive surgery like a facelift can be a pretty big deal. Silhouette Soft is a technological innovation offering the benefits of a facelift in the most simple and minimally invasive way.

By re-tightening the skin with an invisible and slowly resorbable suspension suture that stimulates collagen placed into the fat layer of the skin, you can create the definition you’re after with immediate long lasting and discreet results. 


suitable for:

Men and women trying to combat sagging skin or loss of facial volume.


time for treatment:

Allow 45 minutes



2 days to 2 weeks. 


treatments required:

One treatment lasts up to 18 -24 months. 



Performed by a medical doctor (Dr Aparna Hedge)

Redefined jawline

Improved skin laxity 

No excessive scarring

No sedation

No scalpels


Treatment results


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