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The topic of our bodies can sometimes be tricky to discuss. While it’s true that Azure Medical offers various treatments to help you ‘look better’, for us there’s a deeper purpose at play - to help you find your feelgood. As part of a holistic approach, instilling confidence in your body complements your mental, social and physical wellness, helping you feel good about yourself free of the negative thoughts and worries that are holding you back from flourishing. 

Our female team is trained and experienced at understanding what’s going on for our clients and their body image. Often it relates to unwanted cellulite, a concern that is amplified by our sunny West Australian lifestyle where baring our bodies outdoors is a large part of everyday life. Not only can this lead to worries around how your body might be perceived, spending too much time in the sun can also bring about unwanted changes to skin pigmentation.

At Azure Medical, we’re here to build relationships in order to better understand how to make constructive recommendations that align with your life goals. We’re privileged to be able to assist women who have the time and resources to place priority on themselves. This excites us because it means you’re more likely to take advice, and be willing to act.

For women, we’ve seen a surge in demand for services like vaginal rejuvenation across all ages. And we have plenty of male clients too, from professionals using CoolSculpting to address stubborn areas of fat, through to sweaty gym junkies seeking hair removal or fungal toenail treatment.

Whoever you are, whatever your body (and life) goals, we can help you find your feelgood. Book an appointment with us today - located in Cottesloe Central shopping precinct on the second floor.

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