cellulite reduction

Something that both women and men experience

Cellulite is fat sitting just beneath the surface of skin trapped between tight bands of connective tissue. Often referred to as ‘orange peel’ (because of its’ appearance), Cellulite is skin that becomes dimpled and nodular, commonly around the buttocks, thighs, and tummy. Typically experienced by women, men can also have Cellulite but because of the criss-cross structure of male tissue, they are less likely to experience it.

The most dominant and causative factor of Cellulite is the female hormone oestrogen. Genetic factors understandably also play a part, where these are factors including speed of metabolism, circulatory levels, distribution of fat under the skin, and ethnicity. Lifestyle factors can affect your experience of Cellulite, where sitting or standing in one spot for long periods of time, wearing tight underwear that limits blood flow, or the consumption of high levels of fatty food, carbohydrates and salt along with too little fibre may also contribute. 

We encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, drinking water and engage in regular exercise.

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